05 July 2017

Taxes for Belarusian gambling business may be lower in 2018

Taxes for Belarusian gambling business may be lower in 2018

The Taxes and Duties Ministry of the Republic of Belarus is concerned that the number of gambling business taxpayers is declining. To protect this sector, the Ministry of Taxes and Duties offered to reduce fixed tax rates.

Summing up the interim results of the year, the ministry noted that the number of gambling facilities is declining. Indeed, several representatives of this market have shut down their activities in the country or in its separate regions. For example, Pari-Match bookmaker has closed four betting shops in different cities of Belarus.

As a measure to protect business, the Ministry offered to reduce the fixed tax rate.

Deputy Minister of Tax and Duties Vladimir Mukvich said that he would draft a proposal for the Ministry of Finance. But since it is already impossible to change the taxation for 2017, the proposal will be designed for 2018.

According to the Ministry, the reason of the decline in the gambling sector in not the current legislation of the country and its recent changes, but the situation in the industry in general.

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